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What we are all about

This Website was created for the Dying Breed Garage to show our antique car collection and a platform to sometimes sell one of our projects to fund a new project.  DBG is NOT a business.  DBG is a father and son's passion for the automobile. My father is one of the few remaining Cubans who fled the Castro regime in search for a new, free, beginning in the US. I was born in the US, and I am a cultural product of Cuban and American traditions.

The logo was inspired by this rich story of overcoming difficulties and building a new
life in the United States, while respecting our Cuban roots. in our logo is our heart, On the right there is an abstract of the Cuban flag, while on the left the American flag is shown. Both flags are met in the middle by a star, a commonality shared by both. The wings represent the flight forward to freedom, while the name defines our story.

Cubans who fled the Castro regime to become Cuban-Americans, a Dying Breed.

              Thank you visiting DBG!   Sincerely, the entire PeNa Family


 Welcome to DBG!

A Place for 

Muscle Cars, Unique Cars 

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 A Special person

My uncle Diego, who passed away more than 30 years ago, to this day is in my heart and had a huge passion for cars like my dad and I do.  I know he is looking down and enjoying this with us!

 We Love and miss you Tio!

 Tio's Caddy